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When it comes to keeping your office, store or commercial building clean, many businesses are capable of keeping the day today cleaning tasks under control. However, many times businesses start to let their floors go unaddressed or they are not capable of doing their own floor cleaning in-house. Jua Jua Cleaning provides several different types of floor cleaning services and offers these services on a 24-hour schedule to accommodate any type of business. If you need a trusted partner to keep your floors clean day after day contact us today and we will come to visit your business for a free consultation.

Tile Floor Cleaning

Keeping your tile and grout floors perfectly clean can be a very difficult task, this is due to the porous nature of tile and grout material. Overtime foot traffic causes all kinds of debris to fill up the pores in your tile and cause stains that are difficult to remove. We use state-of-the-art tile and grout cleaning too powerfully removed any stains and bring back the natural shine and beauty of your tile and grout.

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Jua Jua Keeps Our Floors Cleaned So We Don't Have To

Our hotel gets a lot of foot traffic every single day. Jua Jua’s cleaning staff is always here after hours polishing our floors keeping them looking new and helping our hotel look its best.

terrazzo floor cleaning

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo floors have been a wonder for thousands of years. Its beauty and magnificence bring elegance and prestige wherever it is used. Keeping your terrazzo flooring clean and polished will protect your flooring while also bringing out its natural beauty. For a free consultation please contact us today! We would love to help keep your terrazzo flooring looking its best!

Marble Floor Cleaning

Marble flooring is exceptionally beautiful due to its glossy and reflective nature. If your marble floors are not shimmering any longer that means your marble has lost its reflective ability and needs to be polished. Our marble floor cleaning service we can remove just about any stain from your marble and also bring back its beauty and reflection. To get a free consultation today about your marble floor cleaning needs, please contact us right away!

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Concrete Floor Cleaning

If you have indoor concrete flooring we can provide a safe and effective power washing service to your flooring without and flooding or water damage. We can use high pressure heat powered cleaning to remove any and all stains from your floors. This is an ideal way to clean large commercial warehouses, auto shops or industrial garages. If you have dirty concrete floors look no further than Jua Jua Cleaning we can have your concrete back in its original condition in no time. For a free consultation please contact us today, we’d love to chat with you!

So, Why Work With Us?

We love the work that we do and we love the customers we serve. We are extremely confident to not only provide to you an amazing floor cleaning service but also provide to you a trusted partnership for all of your cleaning needs. We over 24 hour round the clock service to accommodate your specific floor cleaning needs scheduled around your convenience. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not happy with our floor cleaning services then you don’t have to pay us, that’s just how we do business. So give us a try risk-free, you’ve got nothing to lose, except maybe the dirt off of your floors 😉

Other Services We Offer

pressure washing Stallings

Pressure Washing

Restore your property to brand new condition. Keep your commercial building in excellent condition.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Brighten the view of your home or commercial building! Keep your windows looking pristine all year long!

hood cleaning Charlotte North Carolina

Hood Cleaning

Hood exhaust cleaning ensures a healthy cooking environment while also preventing fires in the kitchen.

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Janitorial Services

We can take care of all of your routine janitorial cleaning  for your office, gym or commercial building.

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