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Pressure Washing Weddington NC

Hiring a Weddington Pressure Washing Company

Are you tired of seeing gunk on the driveway as you get out of your car, then have to look at more stains and dirt caked on your, once beautiful, walkway? Just because you’ve lived there for years doesn’t mean that you’ll have to continue living with these eyesores forever – it is possible to have them removed and prevented from becoming these monstrous stains again.

What you’re seeing on the concrete surfaces are discolorations due to the environmental elements that concrete is exposed to – wind, rain, leaves, dirt, mud, leaves, branches, bacteria, grease, mold and mildew, etc. Not to mention, your driveway, walkways and sidewalk are all high-traffic areas, meaning that even more residue and debris are brought to these areas with every step taken. Want to get rid of the gunk? The solution is simple – you need a successful, professional pressure washing session. JuaJua Cleaning specializes in servicing areas such as these with a method called pressure washing in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is the name for a method of cleaning that uses highly pressurized water paired with a special cleaning solution that not only removes dirt and grime but can also stop mold and mildew from spreading. Pressure washing is often confused with another closely related method called soft washing. Both are similar, however, the difference is in the amount of pressure used to perform the cleaning. Choosing which method to use would be dependent on the durability of the surface that is to be cleaned.

Surface Areas That Can Be Pressure Washed

As stated above, pressure washing is the method that uses high pressured water. Our Weddington pressure washing service uses equipment with high pressure; in fact, our professional-grade pressure washing equipment typically shoots roughly 8 gallons of water per minute. With a narrow nozzle, this amount and pressure is able to cut through some material which may cause damage to certain surfaces if not used correctly – that’s why only certain surfaces should have the full-force, pressure washing method used. Below are surfaces that would be safe to use the pressure washing method:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Brick pavers
  • Parking Lots
  • Stone pathways
  • Most other concrete surfaces

Soft Washing

Other common areas of a home or commercial building that need routine cleaning may not be suitable for the high-pressure washing method. These less durable surfaces will need to use lower pressure, a method more commonly known as the soft washing method. Soft washing does have pressure, but it’s about as powerful as what you’d get from the highest setting of the shower head in your home. When used with the right cleaning detergent and done properly, even this amount of pressure can pack a punch when it comes to cleaning stubbornly stained surfaces areas. Surfaces that would qualify for soft washing are:

  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Windows
  • House siding
  • Roofs

Depending on which surfaces you would need cleaning done, we will gladly work with you to lay out a plan and give you a free estimate to get the results that you want! If you’re not sure of what you need, we can absolutely help you figure that out as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information – give us a shot, risk-free!

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Benefits of Routine Pressure Washing in Weddington

What’s more exciting than seeing something old become new again? With regularly scheduled pressure washing services, you’re looking at cleaner driveways and walkways for your family and guests. It’s highly recommended that you get the exterior of your home washed annually; if not possible, at least every 2 years should be the minimum if you want to keep the residue from sticking again.

Besides the obvious increased physical appearance, our Weddington pressure washing service will help you extend the life of these concrete surfaces. By removing the mold, mildew and weeds growing through the concrete, you’re helping these areas last longer too. Invest in a more beautiful and healthier outdoor setting for your family and prolong the integrity of your home with regular, professional pressure washing.

Working with a Professional Weddington Pressure Washing Company

The benefits of working with a professional and highly experienced Weddington pressure washing company, like JuaJua Cleaning is two-fold. Besides getting the best results out of our pressure washing services, working with a professional company will give you peace of mind regarding safety during this process, as well as efficiency without wasting resources.

First, trained professionals at JuaJua Cleaning will make you and your family feel safe as we’re carrying out each job. They are properly trained to handle the equipment and high-pressure water safely – protecting your family, pets and even your property. Again, having so much force coming out of our professional equipment can cause injury, so we make sure to take the greatest care to get this done right.

Second, not only are our Weddington pressure washing experts trained for safety, they are also trained to efficiently use the equipment to waste less resources. This means that the proper amount of cleaning solution and water will be used to be effective in cleaning, yet not be wasteful. Not wasting water also requires a tried and true technique to quickly and efficiently wash away the debris and cleaning solution. That’s why having an expert who does this on a daily basis is a smart choice for getting the exterior of your property cleaned.

It’s not impossible to get these areas of your home cleaned on your own, but imagine having to learn how to use the equipment, figure out pressure, temperature, best cleaning solution, method of removing chemicals safely without harming your lawn and being confident that your effort will last past next week. Hiring us to do the work can save you from much unnecessary headaches – you’ll get the clean results you want in no time!

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