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Best Roof Replacement in Charlotte NC

Roof Replacement In Charlotte NC

Your roof is your homes first defense against the elements and that is why choosing the best roofing and repair company in the area is your ultimate goal. That’s where we come in, our team of roofers have decades of experience with a range of roofing types, gradients and styles, they are fully qualified and complete every job with you, the customer, as the ultimate priority, offering you the best Roof Replacement in Charlotte NC. We use the best materials on the market at competitive prices and with warranties to give you peace of mind.

Jua Jua Keeps Our Roof Complexes Looking Immaculate

Managing over 250 apartment buildings can be hectic. I’m glad to have Jua Jua cleaning come in every 6 months to pressure wash our buildings and parking lots making sure we’re always looking our best!

Hail Damage and Hail Damage Assessments

As the residents of Charlotte know… storms come and unless you are prepared they can cause a lot of damage to your home. Hail particularly can have lasting damage to your roof it isn’t inspected and repaired quickly, efficiently, and with the right materials. That’s where we can help, our team knows exactly what to look for, how to repair, and how to give your roof the best chance against the elements.

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Why choose our Charlotte NC Roof Replacement Service?

So, why should you choose us to complete your roof replacement service? Well, here we aim to offer all of our customers the best Roof Replacement Charlotte NC, and we do that by:

  • Using the best and newest materials available on the market so we can be sure of their quality and offer you a long last warranty.
  • Our roofing team are all vetted and fully qualified with years of experience and they take great pride in their craftsmanship and the quality of their work.
  • If you are still not sure, check out our reviews, all of our customers are given the best customer service and know that from the moment they call us until their roof is repaired, replaced and maintained that we will make sure they are our priority. That is why all of our reviews reflect this.

Other Services We Offer

Metal Roof

Metal roofs offer exceptional protection to your property but need regular maintenance to keep them free from debris, dirt and lower the risk of corrosion. However, over time they can turn brittle and a replacement is required. Whether you need maintenance of your current roof or a replacement we can help.

Hail Damage

If you suspect hail or storm damage to your roof, we can assist with that. Our team of surveyors and inspectors can provide you with a detailed report and analysis and give you a range of options on how you can proceed in resolving any damage. Don’t wait any longer and call us today to get your roof fixed ASAP!

Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are very resilient making them a great roofing option. Shingle roofs have a life span of over 10 years, depending on a range of external factors such as maintenance, weather and more. We will come inspect your roof and give you a range of options for the maintenance and replacement of your shingle roof.

Roof Replacement Inspection

Our Professional roofing team can also give you a detailed report on your roof replacement options with a roof replacement inspection, carried out by our team. If you would like any further details on the services we provide, please contact a member of our team today and we would be happy to assist you.

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