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Is your house siding looking dirty? Are grime, algae, and other particles attached to your walls, giving it a darker complexion? You may need to call someone to clean up the exterior of your house, so it can look clean and clear again. If you have been searching for “pressure washing near me” or “Pineville NC pressure washing service”, look no further than JuaJua Cleaning, where we offer fantastic pressure washing in Pineville, North Carolina.

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The moist ambiance of the Carolinas can cause algae to grow in the siding of your home. This is not only unappealing but it actually causes damage to the exterior. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything special to get rid of these dirty substances. A little wash is all that needs to be done to restore the beauty of your house!

Unlike other pressure washing companies in Pineville, NC, we make sure to take care of your house. Many companies that do not have trained or experienced workers may apply too much pressure when washing your home. This results in damage to the siding. You can be assured that JuaJua Cleaning will take precautions against this happening. We use strong detergents in combination with low-pressure washing of your house.

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Storms, winds, cars driving, and actions like mowing the lawn all contribute particles onto your siding. These particles are usually a mixture of dust, dirt, and pollen. Although, oil and grease can also be a part of this equation. Things like family barbecues can transfer oil from the grill to the siding. Also, if people are touching your house’s siding it can also transfer oil from their skin.

When we wash your siding, we gently apply low water pressure to the exterior repeatedly until the algae and other organic debris is fully removed from it. When all the algae, dirt, pollen, and other dirty substances are gone we will rinse the siding completely from top to bottom. We truly care about giving your house a fantastic wash and leaving it impeccable. That’s why we offer the best pressure washing in Pineville, NC.

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Our services do not only consist of pressure washing, but we do much more. If you noticed that your driveway is looking a bit dirty and unkempt, we will love to assist you. JuaJua Cleaning also does driveway washing and concrete cleaning. We love working with businesses as well, which is why we offer commercial pressure washing. We work with both porous and non-porous materials. It’s very important to have a clean exterior for clientele appeal. You want to make sure customers feel good when entering your businesses, you don’t want dirt and graffiti to deter them!

JuaJua Cleaning wants to serve you! Especially Pineville, NC residents that have to deal with the hot and humid air. If you are experiencing dirty wall exteriors or unclean driveways or floors, call us at (704) 318-4380 or email us at You can also get an instant quote when you file the form on our website.

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