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Commercial Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

Commercial Pressure Washing Charlotte, NC

When you think of “power washing,” you might think of pressure cleaning a back deck or a driveway. However, there’s much more to it than that, ESPECIALLY when it comes to commercial pressure washing in Charlotte NC. Power washing can actually help in many different areas. Some services we’re proud to offer to our commercial clients include, walkway pressure washing, parking lot washing, gum removal, rust removal, grease removal, graffiti removal and much more we service many different commercial buildings types and building structures.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Take a drive around town and just look at the exteriors of buildings. It’s easy to tell that a building isn’t brand-new by all the dirt and grime that sticks to the siding. What if these buildings could be made to look new again without any construction costs, and within a reasonable turnaround time?

With our Exterior Building Cleaning service, we’re able to clean any building type. We use professional grade pressure washing systems to wash the outside of your building. If any dirt or mold is stuck on there, we blast it off and clean with eco-friendly cleaners. In addition to cleaning the siding, we also take that time to wash all of your exterior windows. We promise that your building will stand out from the rest in the best way possible!

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Restaurant Commercial Pressure Washing Charlotte NC​

Every restaurant owner knows the importance of a clean workspace. It’s not just about keeping up with health codes, but also about customer expectation and experience. There’s more to cleaning than just the kitchen and dining spaces.

For instance, what is the customers impression of a restaurant with a grungy or dirty exterior? Do they trust the restaurant enough to even get out of their car? Sadly, sometimes the exterior is overlooked. If a customer is looking for a place to grab a meal and they encounter a restaurant with a dirty parking lot and dirt stuck to the walls – it doesn’t exactly whet the appetite. Make your first impression a great one by letting us pressure wash the siding, sidewalks, and even where you keep the dumpsters.

If you have drive-thrus, we clean those as well. We’ll also pressure wash, sweep, and remove gum from your parking lot if needed.

Parking Structure Pressure Washing

When people think of a parking garage they will probably picturing a dingy, dirty, smelly building. These structures naturally take a beating by how many cars drive in and out. There’s often road grime, motor exhaust, oil stains, and countless other things that make parking garages a pretty dirty place.

So let us come out and make your parking garage pristine again with our Charlotte commercial pressure washing services. We use surface cleaners and special treatments to fully clean all of your parking spaces. We’re able to pressure wash to perfection even the most difficult things like graffiti, gum, oil leaks, and tire marks.

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Property Management Commercial Pressure Washing Charlotte, NC

Owning an apartment building or condominiums takes a lot of regular maintenance. Hands-off exterior upkeep is one of the main draws for people looking to transition to renting a new apartment or buy a condo.

Luckily, as the property manager you don’t have to do everything yourself. We’ll come out and pressure wash every surface to make it look brand new again – patios, courtyards, balconies, pool decks, parking lots, sidewalks, breezeways, etc. We will also thoroughly clean the front entrance and all exterior windows which will distinguish your property from all others. You can trust the best commercial pressure washing Charlotte has to offer.

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Sport Facilities Cleaning

Sports facilities, if not regularly maintained, can be downright filthy. Whether you manage a stadium, tennis court, indoor or outdoor track, athletic field, or any other sports facility – we can handle cleaning it. Tracks need regular cleaning to ensure the safety of the runners. Facilities with bleachers where spectators sit and watch especially need cleaning – from all soda spills, ketchup stains, etc. Our pressure washing team is ready and able to make your facility look new and keep it clean all year long!

Hospital Cleaning

Hospitals treat sick patients – so they HAVE to be clean at all times. While the inside of hospitals are kept immaculate, sometimes the outside of hospitals is forgotten. When a patient or visitor needs some fresh air, they may go outside for a bit. Let us make the exterior of your hospital as clean as the interior.

We start off by pressure washing all of your most visible areas and walkways. We will detail the front entrance so it looks inviting, as well as clean all exterior windows, railings, and common areas.

Cleaning Banks & Credit Union Cleaning

Make your bank or credit union stand apart from all others by regularly cleaning the exterior – as this is what gives customers their first impression. If a branch can’t keep up with cleanliness, why should customers trust it with their hard earned money?

Specifically for banks and credit union businesses, we’re able to offer ATM drive-thru cleaning which includes washing away all oil stains and pressure washing the walls of your building. We also can pressure wash your parking lots, sidewalks, and front entrances.

Interior Floor Scrubbing

While you may regularly sweep and mop the floor of your commercial building, are you really getting it that much cleaner? How often are you having to mop? Floors see constant usage by people’s feet, animals, wheelchairs, etc. Dirt and dust accumulates very quickly – and if not properly taken care of, it builds and builds despite regular mopping. No matter what type of flooring you have, we can thoroughly clean it.

Our professional equipment is the absolute best on the market. Depending on the job you need done, we use Factory Cat Floor Sweepers and also Tennant Sweeper-Scrubbers. The Factory Cat Floor Sweeper is able to sweep up to 60,000 square feet per hour. The baghouse filter controls the dust it picks up and keeps it from being airborne and settling back onto the floor or other surfaces.

If your floor needs a bit more cleaning, we use our Tennant Sweeper-Scrubber which also gives an option for power washing. Tennant’s proprietary ec-H2O technology electrically converts water into a cleaning solution – which means it’s environmentally more safe, it saves money, and also improves safety. Since detergents are not utilized, there is actually a reduced risk of slip and fall accidents.

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